We work with local artists & craftspeople who make parts of our designs, build our furniture, create textiles we use. They also inspire us with their own traditional crafts. From Huichol Indians to Otomi embroiderers and doll makers.


Angelina Ramirez Torres

Huichol Indian from Jalisco San Andres

Huichol Artesania is inspired by Nature; bright color bead work and embroidery use symbols that represent Mexico such as Deer, Eagles, Snakes and Flowers.

Angelina works independently to maintain and continue traditional Huichol artesania.

Please visit Our Artisans Work to view Angelina´s personal creations for sale.

Catalina Pérez Lucio

From Santiago Mezquitlan, Queretaro

Catalina grew up working on a farm with her indigenous Otomi grandparents.

Her grandmother taught her how to make traditional Otomi dolls.  Inspired by the farm animals, she began creating animals using sheep fur.  Years later Catalina is still coming up with new ideas, creating animals with incredible character.

Please visit Our Artisans Work to view Catalina´s personal creations for sale.

Javier Arriaga Gomez

From Michoacan

Javier started making his pieces for fun as a hobby, until people realized that his objects had great function.  The long wool snakes (filled with sand) are now used all over town at the base of doors to prevent draft, dust, etc.  His sweet mice are now used as door stops and paper weights.  Javier carries his creatures a long distance into town everyday-people know him as ´Snakes´ and look for him in his usual resting spots.

Please visit Our Artisans Work to view Javier´s personal creations for sale.

Hector Alejandro Guerrero Garcia

Artist from Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico

Hector is a self-learned artist who is inspired by the history and culture of Mexico.

Each work reflects his love for combining his ideas with textures-urban, wild, forms in nature.

He sees potential creation in all found objects.