We have a beautiful new shipment from Mexico!! Our lovely Huichol friend Angelina has been busy beading incredible new designs, and Otomi Hand embroidered Wall Hangings, hand carved wooden toys and more  visit our shop for details

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We are so excited to be vendors in a couple of weeks at Festival Romani here in Portland, Oregon, August 17th.  https://www.facebook.com/FestivalRomani

The Festival celebrates Gypsy culture and life, and there will be just amazing performances!

Look for us there!  We will be selling many things, including pillows made from vintage Thai textiles, discounted to make room for new product coming this fall!  If you can’t make it to the festival, visit our online shop http://organosdesign.bigcartel.com/ (the discount is currently on our website as well)

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visit our shop www.organosdesign.bigcartel.com

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This beautiful video was posted by Festival Romani….check out their fb page (www.facebook.com/FestivalRomani), filled with beautiful imagery, video and commentary celebrating Romani (Gypsy) Culture. We (Organos Design) are excited to be a vendor at the festival (www.festivalromani.com) in Portland, OR on August 17th, 2013!


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We are happy to announce our online shop is open!  Please visit and browse our current line.  We are beginning with our current pillow collection, made from vintage textiles from Thailand.  We have many new designs in the works as well so be sure to check back in!  We will be introducing a line of incredible wool animals hand made in Mexico in the next months as well.