Our first day live…..

Years of ideas and inspiration.  Living in Mexico you can´t help but be pulled in by the constant color and texture of your surroundings, and the general richness of the people and the life.  We have taken these elements and created an inspired line of furniture, decorative pillows, candelabras and more.  It is ongoing….we are working everyday to breath to life our new ideas, in the process learning of traditional handwork in Mexico.  We are integrating textiles from Thailand and Mexico, along with our hand stitching to create fresh new designs.  We are also taking traditional tin work and redesigning elements to create new designs as well.  Check back in with us to see what we are up to…our adventures in inspiration and production, and to see new additions to our shop.

Check out our Shop.  Here you can see all of our designs for sale, some one-of pieces, and others available in quantities.  Contact us for more information, color choices, or to get shipping quotes and place orders.  You can also call U.S. line 360 329 6902.  Please be patient, all pieces are hand made in Mexico, and shipped from Mexico which depending on the order and ship location may take 4-8 weeks.  We do custom work as well.

Thanks for visiting!